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SDSU CS 574 - Computer Security -

Email address:

Perrine on "Sabbatical" serving LOPSA
I'm currently on "sabbatical" from SDSU, as my day job and a service organization are consuming all my time. I'm currently serving as the President of LOPSA, the professional association for system adminstrators (and web admins, and storage admins, and ... admins!)

I hope to return to SDSU to teach this class after my term on the LOPSA board is complete.

Special Notes:

  1. If you send email to any other address, it may not be seen for days or weeks! Use the given address to ensure that I see it!
  2. If you are using email to contact me, send plain, regular, RFC 822, non-MIME, non-HTML, non-attachments, non-Word email. All email that is not plain ASCII may be rejected or ignored without notice to the sender. Really. I Am Not Kidding.